Jeremiah's Story 

In Pictures


You’re the best gift

that we’ve ever received.

Tiny and sweet, it’s hard to believe

that one little baby

could mean so much to us.

You’re the best gift that we’ve ever received.

(Poem adapted from mat on photograph of Jeremiah purchased at Sears Portrait Studio)

Jeremiah was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. 

Right:  Jeremiah at 6 weeks old.  He was growing and changing fast.  Many of his photos were made with his tape, but we are very glad now that we made some without the tape. 

Left:  Jeremiah at 5 days old with tape after his first visit to the Craniofacial Clinic.

Center: Jeremiah at 2 weeks old.  We decided to make some photos without tape.

During this 1st surgery he  had a pinned appliance put in his mouth to move his gums closer together, and he had tubes put in both ears.

Jeremiah at 8 weeks old. The day before his 1st surgery we took a whole role of film of him.  His happy smile and bright eyes had already become very special to us.  

Left:  Pinned Appliance.  We used a tiny screwdriver to turn the screw each day.

Left:  One week after Jeremiah’s first surgery he was smiling again.  Feeding was not easy that first post operative week.  He had a very difficult week, but God was good to us, and our bright eyed little boy was getting better.

Right:  Prior to his surgery we tried many different types of bottles, but finally ended up using the Mead Johnson Nurser with the Pigeon nipple system.  This allowed the bottle to collapse instead of the nipple making feeding much easier. 

Right: Jeremiah at 3 months old the day before his second surgery.  During this surgery he had his appliance removed and his lip repaired.  His gums were also connected a little during this surgery. 

Above and Left :  Immediate post-operative photos.  After surgery we had such mixed emotions.  Jeremiah looked so good, but he looked so different. 

Right:  At just 11 days after his lip was repaired he was looking great, and, of course, he was smiling again.  We were amazed at how much progress had been made in such a short amount of time. 

Above:  Jeremiah at 6 months old.  The Lord was truly answering the many prayers being prayed for Jeremiah, and his lip was healing very well

Above:  These photos were made at the hospital right before his third surgery.  Jeremiah was six months old and had his palate closed and more work done on his gums.  He seemed a little more aware of what was going on around him, but he didn't cry when the nurse took him back to surgery. 

Above and Left:  Immediate post-op photos.  Jeremiah had a lot of swelling after this surgery.  God in His faithfulness brought us through again.

Right:  Shortly after palate closure, Jeremiah graduated to a spoon.  However, after he healed we continued to use his infant feeder for most of his baby food to develop and strengthen the  muscles used for sucking. 

Left:  That’s our boy at 9 months old!

Left and Below:  Jeremiah on his first birthday.  He had a Winnie the Pooh birthday party with all his family.  


Happy birthday!

We love you!

Above:  Jeremiah at 15 months old, about one year after lip closure. 

Above:  These photos were made 2 weeks after Jeremiah’s 2nd birthday.  He was an adorable toddler who loved to smile, and we felt incredibly blessed to have him!


Above:  More 2 year old photos.

Above and Center:

Jeremiah at 3 years old. 


He’s a real,

little man!

Left and Below:  Jeremiah on his 4th birthday. 

Jeremiah was a very happy boy, and had learned to ride his bike with training wheels. 


Left:  Jeremiah had a very dirty but very precious face that day.  He had enjoyed popsicles and lots of cake and ice cream before we all took a bike ride down the road. 

What a boy!  What a birthday!  He was one happy boy on one happy day!

Above Left:  Jeremiah at age 4, just 16 days before his lip and nose revision. 

Above Right: Jeremiah at the hospital  in his real pre-op photo immediately before surgery.

Above Left:  Jeremiah immediately after surgery.  We were not quite as prepared for the swelling as we thought we were. 

Above Right:  Less than 24 hours after surgery he was still very swelled, but he was smiling again. 

At only 13 days after surgery  with stitches still present, Jeremiah was already looking good. The swelling was beginning to decrease. His nose was much straighter, and he still had his precious smile and happy face!

These photos were made 5 days after Jeremiah’s 5th birthday and almost a year after his lip and nose revision. 

Right:  Jeremiah with one of  his brothers. 

At age 5 Jeremiah is a handsome, smiling  boy.  He loves to ride his bike, play cowboys, play “army man,” play Uno with his brothers and sisters, listen to stories, draw, do math, and learn to read.   He is our gift from God. 

Somewhere around the age of eight Jeremiah will undergo a bone graft.  This will be followed by orthodontic work which will include braces and later an implant to compensate for the permanent tooth he will be missing.  Later as a teenager he may undergo a final lip and nose revision.



Every child is a precious gift from the Lord!



If you are the parent of a child with a cleft lip or palate and would like to contact us, our email address is 

Jeremiah says that one day he may be a doctor so that he can help other people.  He is truly a blessing from the Lord.


Jeremiah still has the same bright eyes and happy smile. He has a heart for others and a love for the Lord.  He has a changed face, but we have a changed heart!