Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopic technology is changing the practice of plastic surgery. Because of its minimally invasive nature, the endoscopic approach avoids the long incisions associated with conventional techniques. Thus, many procedures have been refined and even redefined by the ability of endoscopic assistance to minimize scars while providing well-visualized exposure.


cyst endoscopic view of cyst cyst removal
Patient with large right
orbital demoid cyst.
Endoscopic intraoprative
view of dermoid cyst.
Postoperative view of patient
after dermoid syst removal.


vascular mass endoscopic view of vascular mass post vascular mass removal
Child with large left
shoulder vascular mass.
Endoscopic view of laser fiber being introduced to treat vascular mass.
Postoperative view of patient after transaxillary YAG laser removal of left shoulder vascular mass.


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