Over the last five years resorbable materials have been used in the manufacture of internal distraction devices. The safety and efficacy of resorbable materials has been widely reported and accepted in Craniofacial Surgery. The advantage of this class of distractors is that they are resorbable and do not require a second operation for removal, which is required with metallic distractors. The small metal drive screw is backed out in the Doctors office after complete healing of the distracted bone. Resorbable distractors can be used to distract the lower and upper jaw as well as the forehead.

Patient before and after 25mm Mandibular distraction with resorbable distractors.

Child with Pierre Robin Sequence,(cleft palate, floppy tongue and small lower jaw),before and after resorbable distraction of lower jaw.

Childe with Cruzon Syndrome,(premature skull fusion, small upper jaw and eye sockets),before and after resorbable distraction of upper jaw,forhead and orbits.

For more information on resorbable distraction go to http://www.biometmicrofixation.com/product.php?item=29&cat=11

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