Common Congenital Disorders

Craniofacial and pediatric disorders range from more common to extremely rare. The majority of congenital disorders are not directly associated with hereditary or genetic causes. In fact, most deformities appear to occur in families with no previous history of the disorder. Likewise, most disorders do not have other associated problems (such as disorders of the heart, lungs, arms, or legs). Despite these facts, it is always important to have a thorough evaluation from a dysmorphologist (someone who specializes in genetic related disorders) and a pediatrician familiar with congenital disorders. We have listed a few of the most common disorders. The information and treatment options on this website are not complete and parents are encouraged to visit our office for a complete evaluation. We will also complement this website with an online newsletter. The newsletter will cover a specific topic in more detail than listed below. Hard copies of the newsletter will be available through our office.

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